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We add value to your pharmacy with simple but effective programs.


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Join us and be rest assured we’ll help you tackle industry challenges with a range of effective business solutions.

Our tools and services are easy to implement and will help improve your profits pharmacy-wide. As a member, you will continue to maintain your independence and operate as a truly local business in your community. 

Alliance Rewards
Let’s you earn rewards for your front, middle & back-of-pharmacy sales performance.

10% on your preferred 1st line generic purchases
5% on private label sales
5% on core range products sales
Generic Partner Options.
  • Maximise speed
  • Optimize your generic substitution
  • Earn rebates of up to 10%
  • The widest range available, with the most competitive pricing
Exclusive Supplier OTC Deals.
  • Market leading deals with over 200 companies
  • Buying power to give you the best discounts and minimum order quantities
  • Ensuring the best possible retail model for your front-of-shop
  • Rewards you with up to 5% rebate
Trading Terms.
  • 3 different partners to suit your everyday, bulk order and second line needs.
  • Bulk buy order featuring the top 250 lines at market leading rates.
Generic Partner Options.
  • Chemist Own
  • Pharmacy Care
Alliance Pharmacy
We’ll give you the tools you need to attract, retain and grow your customer base.
Internal/External Signage.
  • General interior signage
  • Consultation room, gondola & perimeter signage wall graphics
Catalogue Program.
  • 12 catalogues per year
  • Additional insert for Christmas
  • Health focus
Facebook Program.
  • 79% of all Australians use Facebook every month
  • Cost effectively engage your customers with our content calendar & your own posts to localise content
Loyalty Program.
  • Rewarding your customers
  • Re-engage
  • Manage
  • Access a full suite of ticket and poster templates with Alliance Ticketing powered by Shopfront Solutions. Easily manage campaigns and print tickets using pre-printed perforated paper from Stirling Fildes
Our custom-built platform gives you complete visibility of your pharmacy’s performance and the key insights you need.
Sales Performance by Category.
Customer Loyalty Program Performance.
Catalogue Program Sales Performance.
Alliance Rewards.
Wholesale Purchase.